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OK...I would like to put an idea on the table  and see if anyone's interested.

Would anybody be interested in a Dwight Frye film sharing ring?  We have this going in the Peter Lorre website I'm a part of, and it works really, really well!

The idea is that we all have different Dwight Frye movies, and may want to see others.  We've all probably spent a good deal of dough on getting burned copies from iOffer and other sites.  I suggest that, if we have willing participants, we share amongst each other so that we can all increase our collections without emptying our wallets.  After all, these collectors are making a mint on burning public domain/TV-taped copies over and over again.  Perhaps we can combine resources & have fun sharing!  :)  

It works when someone makes a request for a film.  One copy is burned (don't mail your original!) and sent to the first person who requests it.  They burn a copy for themselves, then mail the disk to the next person on the list, etc.  Eventually the disk comes full circle and gets back to the person who sent it out to begin with.

Would this be something folks would be interested in?  I've gotten my hands on some new Dwights that I wouldn't mind sharing. I've also seen Dwights on YouTube that I don't have a copy of yet and would love to get for trade.  I just spent way too much money placing my order for Mickey the Kid and Danger in the Pacific.  I don't think I'll be buying any more for awhile.   However, I'd be happy to share what I have in order to get copies of movies I don't!

If someone is really net-savvy, and can think of a way of coordinating this so that we don't have a ton of confusing chain requests on the same forum, I'd really appreciate it!  I'm quite new to using LiveJournal, so I'm not familiar with all the features yet.  

Does this sound like a good idea to folks?

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