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Flying Blind and the Western Code

Holy cats!  I scored a couple of really clear copies of both of these films a little while ago:  I have a really clear copy of Flying Blind on VHS (which I need to get converted over to DVD at the earliest opportunity!) and a remastered copy of The Western Code, which was done by the fans of Tim McCoy (a "10 out of 10", as they call it)!

Flying Blind is an absolutely abysmal film, but it has a couple moments of pure Dwighty gold (which I'll upload in a clearer clip once I transfer this bad boy to DVD).  The Western Code is actually a really entertaining film in its own rite.

Anywho...I'm always happy to share the love once I can get these gems ready to share.  Please let me know if you're interested!

If you'd rather have an original, I got Flying Blind here (which has since been offered on DVD as well):

And Western Code here:

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