jimcog (jimcog) wrote in dwightifrye,

Adventure in Sahara

Adventure in Sahara

  • Jun. 13th, 2009 at 11:10 PM
First of all, I want to express my appreciation for all this group is doing to preserve Dwight's memory.  I hope it is okay that I post here.  I just wanted to share the news that Adventure in Sahara (1938), one of the Frye films that few if any have seen (along with Sleepytime Gal and Invisible Enemy) is coming out on DVD on 9/29/09.  It will not be released on its own, however, but as part of The Sam Fuller Collection.  This film was one of noted director Fuller's early writing jobs in Hollywood.  I saw this information on the TCM site.  When Greg Mank and I were researching Dwight Frye's Last Laugh, we tried to get a print of Adventure in Sahara to view, but did not succeed.  From everything I have read in my research, the role of Gravet ("the Jackal") is a colorful one for Dwight.

Jim C.
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