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The Dwight Crossover

Hello everyone! I wanted to bring that Dwight crossover story back to the surface.


In a nutshell it’s about the first ever gathering of the Dwight Frye fans, in a large rented vacation property/resort. One mourning the unthinkable happens: Dwight’s characters begin to appear throughout the property over the course of next few days. It’s up to the fans to not only round up the characters but to prepare them for life in the 21st century. Along with the fans is Taylor Anderson who has come with Sophie Carlucci (Noldo) to see the sights of California.


Fritz Vorlic stared at his reflection in the mirror.


The jacket and pants he was wearing were made out of soft comfortable denim. His hair was untidy as usual but clean. Sighing he rubbed the stubble on his cheeks – one of the women had looked positively horrified when he had asked for a straight razor, oddly enough another had burst into laughter.



A scream and a loud clunking noise had shattered the calm mourning silence in the east wing. Sophie Carlucci  ran in to the living area of the suite they shared. Taylor stood over the body of a man who (Sophie noted thankfully) was still breathing. Taylor grasped the thick book she had hit him with to her chest.


“I was just sitting, reading- and then I saw him! He came out of nowhere!”    


I was thinking we’d write in a role playing style.  If you girls like the idea I’ll create a community for it and post more information there.


Okay the community is up and running! Lets get the show on the road!
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