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I just realised that it's been a wee while since anyone had actually posted on this page and I just thought I would just to keep the love alive :)I mean I've been on other Dwight pages were some people started posting advertisements and that just makes me mad so I'm posting as many places as possible :)

My role in Dwight's fandom has been quiet of late and I just wanted to share a couple of things that I have been up to in memory of Dwight though they've taken up minimal work.

A couple of months ago I wrote a biography regarding Mr Frye on my other blog at Vintage_gold which is available on public view, Really there is nothing there you haven't read before but there are a couple of personal observations.

I've also started another fan forum at proboards which has a few fans but is quite quiet. This was started on a whim and so how long it goes on for is anyone's guess but for anyone that's interested the address is:

I have not made any other Dwight videos partly because of my lack of time and partly because my PC doesn't let me any more :( However I am wanting to return to witing fan fiction as it is something I enjoy doing when I get the opportunity. I would not post that on here however though I am considering adding a fan fiction section at proboards... not sure though because some of the stuff is a little risky.

Hope all Dwight fans are keeping well and enjoying 2011 so far :)
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IMDB changes.

The IMDB seems to be yet another site that has updated it's presentation, though I think it is actually improved for once. There are 13 Dwight videos available, including full versions of "The Vampire Bat" and "Renfrew of the Royal Mounted".

Help with a website

I just realized I've lost the link for a Dwight site I used to alwys frequent. I believe it was created by a woman named Joanne and the title was something like Dwight Frye: The Man Behind The Insanity. It had a bunch of reviews she had done of his films with photos. Can anyone forward me the web address of this site? I'd appreciate it so much. ;)

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On my way to work tonight they played "The Ballad of Dwight Fry" on the radio. What surprised me was the DJ said he hand-picked it because he thought it was great that Alice Cooper wanted to keep his memory alive, and he, too, felt it should be kept alive. He also noted how his part in Dracula kind of doomed his career and he[, the DJ,] showed sypmathy for that. I don't know... it just made me smile knowing someone cared ;p
Also, The Circus Queen Murder will be playing September 25th at 9:45am. Mark your calendars!
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Flying Blind and the Western Code

Holy cats!  I scored a couple of really clear copies of both of these films a little while ago:  I have a really clear copy of Flying Blind on VHS (which I need to get converted over to DVD at the earliest opportunity!) and a remastered copy of The Western Code, which was done by the fans of Tim McCoy (a "10 out of 10", as they call it)!

Flying Blind is an absolutely abysmal film, but it has a couple moments of pure Dwighty gold (which I'll upload in a clearer clip once I transfer this bad boy to DVD).  The Western Code is actually a really entertaining film in its own rite.

Anywho...I'm always happy to share the love once I can get these gems ready to share.  Please let me know if you're interested!

If you'd rather have an original, I got Flying Blind here (which has since been offered on DVD as well):

And Western Code here:

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Adventure in Sahara

Adventure in Sahara

  • Jun. 13th, 2009 at 11:10 PM
First of all, I want to express my appreciation for all this group is doing to preserve Dwight's memory.  I hope it is okay that I post here.  I just wanted to share the news that Adventure in Sahara (1938), one of the Frye films that few if any have seen (along with Sleepytime Gal and Invisible Enemy) is coming out on DVD on 9/29/09.  It will not be released on its own, however, but as part of The Sam Fuller Collection.  This film was one of noted director Fuller's early writing jobs in Hollywood.  I saw this information on the TCM site.  When Greg Mank and I were researching Dwight Frye's Last Laugh, we tried to get a print of Adventure in Sahara to view, but did not succeed.  From everything I have read in my research, the role of Gravet ("the Jackal") is a colorful one for Dwight.

Jim C.