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Recent Dwight projects:

I just realised that it's been a wee while since anyone had actually posted on this page and I just thought I would just to keep the love alive :)I mean I've been on other Dwight pages were some people started posting advertisements and that just makes me mad so I'm posting as many places as possible :)

My role in Dwight's fandom has been quiet of late and I just wanted to share a couple of things that I have been up to in memory of Dwight though they've taken up minimal work.

A couple of months ago I wrote a biography regarding Mr Frye on my other blog at Vintage_gold which is available on public view, Really there is nothing there you haven't read before but there are a couple of personal observations.

I've also started another fan forum at proboards which has a few fans but is quite quiet. This was started on a whim and so how long it goes on for is anyone's guess but for anyone that's interested the address is:

I have not made any other Dwight videos partly because of my lack of time and partly because my PC doesn't let me any more :( However I am wanting to return to witing fan fiction as it is something I enjoy doing when I get the opportunity. I would not post that on here however though I am considering adding a fan fiction section at proboards... not sure though because some of the stuff is a little risky.

Hope all Dwight fans are keeping well and enjoying 2011 so far :)
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